Innovative ceramic-to-metal assemblies manufactured in the USA.


We guarantee that we will provide the best customer service and efficient solutions for your current or new design parameter products. Our decades of experience and knowledge combined with our agility make us the ideal supplier for our customers.

We thrive in applying our knowledge when transforming design ideas into actual products.


Metalization with Moly-Manganese and Tungsten Manganese, most commonly applied on aluminum oxide, beryllium oxide and sapphire.

Coating thickness range:
0.0005″ to 0.0015″.

Gold, Nickel and other plated materials over metallization suitable for design requirements and improved brazing parameters.

In-house thickness measuring of metalized and plated surfaces through our XRF machine. Certified and Calibrated.

Ceramic to metal brazing – we work with commercial braze alloys, most commonly Copper, Gold and Silver-based alloys. We employ the appropriate brazing method for the joints of custom components based on material and geometry of the parts to be brazed.

Testing capabilities:
We perform vacuum leak testing
up to 10-9 Torr.

Our joints produce hermetic seals with no oxidation or scaling due to our controlled atmosphere. Our process allows for parts to be produced with high repeatability and minimal variation.

Our custom metalized ceramic components provide dependable solutions for a wide variety of applications in various industries, including but not limited to aerospace, military, sensors and telecommunication.

Our brazed components are used in a variety of products and systems, including but not limited to, aircraft and spacecraft components, fiber optics, medical components, microwave transmitting tubes, HV electrical conductors, vacuum electronics and vacuum feedthroughs.

Our brazing temperature range is
725 °C to 1350 °C.